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YOUNG MINDS: Why young people think employers need to bridge the generational gap

29 Mar 2023
People & Wellbeing Stage
People & Wellbeing , Young Minds

A diverse working environment brings diversity of thought, greater creativity, better decision-making and more successful businesses. And that diversity extends to diversity of age, too. Younger generations tell us they don’t want to just surround themselves with people like them. In this session, young industry experts tell us what the next generations want in relation to age-diverse teams and cultures that cater for the needs of older and younger generations and everything in between, and why it’s important to them. 

We will explore: 

  • Why age diversity matters to everyone in the workforce

  • Key factors to consider when recruiting age-diverse talent 

  • How to cultivate cultures that work for everyone

Celine Erorh, Founder - Celutions UK
Shomi Williams, Founder and Psychological Therapist - Lafiya Health
Harry Lloyd, Talent Acquisition & D,E,&I Assistant - Billion Dollar Boy