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Ahead of the curve: Why circularity will become the retail norm

29 Mar 2023
Consumer Stage
Research from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation says that rental and resale could claim 23% of the global fashion industry by 2030 and create $700bn in revenue. At the same time, the repair industry is booming, with brands from Selfridges to Chanel offering repairs in celebration of all things circular. In this panel, we’ll bring together three key players making waves in the circular economy to talk us through why its virtues are relevant for all brands and how it will increasingly become a prerequisite.

We’ll explore:
  • How circular models are revolutionising the customer experience
  • How to incentivise customers to make the change
  • Is this the future of retail?
Victoria Prew, CEO and Co-Founder - HURR
Steve Oliver, CEO - Music Magpie
Kirsty Keoghan, Global General Manager of Fashion - eBay