Retailer-only roundtables


Retailer-only roundtables

25 May 2022
Track Two
Innovation , People , Planet , Retailer-only roundtables

Welcome to our sixty-minute retailer-only roundtables. The sessions listed below are led by experts in their field but can only be attended by retailers. We’ve got three tables each covering a burning topic that’s keeping you awake at night. Once you’ve spent 20 minutes at one table, you’ll be moved onto the next one, until you’ve completed all three tables within the hour. This is a great opportunity to connect with your peers, share challenges and unlock solutions in a collaborative way. 

Table 1: How to create wellbeing champions in the workplace

Questions to consider: 

  • How to upskill employees to look after themselves
  • How to develop healthier approaches to be the best version of ourselves in work
  • How to empower staff to proactively work on their mental health and wellbeing

Confirmed: George Bettany, Co-Founder, Head of Growth, Sanctus

Table 2: Are we really getting anywhere with our diversity & inclusion strategies?

Questions to consider: 

  • Three things you can do today to improve your D&I strategy
  • How to analyse co-worker diversity
  • How to measure diversity and inclusion

Confirmed: Elizabeth Ogabi, CEO and Co-Founder, Leicour and For Working Ladies

Table 3: How to empower your customers to live more sustainably

Questions to consider: 

  • What have you and your leadership team done to connect your community with your brand?
  • Tools to encourage customers to channel more ethical mindsets
  • How to leverage technology to drive sustainability initiatives and storytelling.

Confirmed: Bianca-Francesca Foley, Content Creator, Podcaster and Sustainability Consultant

Elizabeth Ogabi, CEO and Founder - Leicour
George Bettany, Co-Founder & Head of Growth - Sanctus
Bianca-Francesca Foley, Content Creator, Podcaster and Sustainability Consultant