Retailer-only roundtables


Retailer-only roundtables

24 May 2022
Track Two
Digital Transformation , Innovation , People , Retailer-only roundtables

Welcome to our sixty-minute retailer-only roundtables. The sessions listed below are led by experts in their field but can only be attended by retailers. We’ve got three tables each covering a burning topic that’s keeping you awake at night. Once you’ve spent 20 minutes at one table, you’ll be moved onto the next one, until you’ve completed all three tables within the hour. This is a great opportunity to connect with your peers, share challenges and unlock solutions in a collaborative way. 

Table 1: How can we attract and retain the best tech talent? 

Questions to consider: 

  • What are you doing to make your business more attractive to tech talent? 
  • What steps are you taking to professionalise IT roles within your businesses? 
  • Are there any businesses (inside or outside of the industry) that are nailing the attraction and retention of amazing tech talent? If so, how?

Confirmed: Richard Corbridge, CIO, Boots and Michelle Kearns, IT director, Boots

Table 2: How can technology empower staff to deliver exceptional CX and drive customer loyalty?

Questions to consider:

  • How can customer feedback embolden in-store staff to improve CX?
  • The role of modern apps and AI in driving engagement
  • How to drive loyalty through simplicity and personalisation

Confirmed: Celin Kjenslie, Head of Consumer Insight and Strategy, REMA 1000

Table 3: The beginner's guide to the opportunities of Web 3.0

Questions to consider:

  • What is it, why does it matter and what are the potential opportunities that can be leveraged? 
  • How can we communicate Web 3.0 to customers?
  • How are Web 3.0 technologies being leveraged in retail?

Confirmed: Tom Ffiske, Editor, The Immersive Wire

Richard Corbridge , VP & Chief Information Officer - Boots
Michelle Kearns, IT Director - Boots
Tom Ffiske, Editor - The Immersive Wire
Celin Kjenslie, Head of Consumer Insight and Strategy - REMA 1000