If you’re happy (or not) and you know it, take a seat


If you’re happy (or not) and you know it, take a seat

25 May 2022
Main Stage

Last month, Retail Trust and WorkL conducted an in-depth study of over 2000 retail workers to see how happy they were and how they felt their employer cared about their wellbeing. A staggering 85% of managers reported an increase in mental health issues among their teams and the majority of these felt they had to take the burden of their team’s problems. The industry is at a crisis point, with many workers looking to switch into other industries to regain control of their happiness and wellbeing. It has never been more important for happiness to be a core strategic pillar in an organisation. This session will take you through 10 of the key findings of the survey and give you some actions and insights into how to make your team happier.


  • How happy (or not) the retail industry really is and what that means for your business

  • The sometimes life and death importance of putting the happiness of your colleagues at the forefront

  • How to lead a happier business

Be sure to attend the Retail Trust Happiness Hack on the expo floor, where you can watch the teams hack happiness, wellbeing and employee data from across the retail ecosystem to come up with solutions to enable you to improve the happiness and wellbeing of not only your colleagues but the entire industry.

Chris Brook-Carter, CEO - the Retail Trust
Mark Price, Founder - WorkL, Former MD of Waitrose
Amelia Lietke, CPO - Ann Summers