Can we hack happiness?


Can we hack happiness?

25 May 2022
Main Stage

The retail industry is at a crisis point and we must choose to make our teams happier, feel more appreciated and truly care for their wellbeing.

Retail Trust, Microsoft and WorkL have joined forces at Retail Week Live to interrogate industry data on happiness levels to demonstrate that this is a critical problem. Using Microsoft technology, this data hack will highlight specific areas of concern that retailers should focus upon and recommend strategies that work.

The results of the data hack will contribute to the first Retail specific wellness and happiness index that retailers can compare themselves to, as well as pinpointing specific business areas or groups of people that retailers should be investing more in to improve colleague wellbeing.


  • Visualise the findings of the hack and pinpoint if there are any specific areas of concerns or focus for retail leaders
  • Learn how to make your own happiness pledge
  • Show finding from live data at Retail Week Live to see how happy delegates are at work
Poppie Foakes, Director of Product and Innovation - the Retail Trust
Julian Burnett, Ambassador - the Retail Trust