Remember when shopping used to be fun?


Remember when shopping used to be fun?

24 May 2022
Main Stage
Digital Transformation , Innovation

Shopping has changed over the last few years. For many of us E-commerce has been the ultimate convenience, but when our favourite shops on the high street closed during the pandemic, we were all aware of the impact. We lost the joy of wandering in and out of shops, browsing, finding things we didn’t know we wanted. 

Online shopping has become so transactional. It’s just about ‘buying’ and less about ‘shopping’. Sure you can order the things you want, but what about the things you didn’t even know existed?

We believe online shopping can be better. It should be fun, emotive, and exciting. INSPIRING. Just like shopping in real life, and when done best, complementing that experience. In this exclusive fireside chat between Milka Privodanova, Country Manager at Pinterest, and the retail guru Mary Portas, we’ll talk about where it all went wrong, and what the future of the shopping experience should look like.


  • Value-based shopping is not a passing fad. Brands need to stand out for what they stand for. And it positively impacts the bottom line.

  • How retailers are creating online shopping experiences that complement the high street experience.

  • What’s next for the high street according to Mary Portas, one of the UK's most high-profile business entrepreneurs


Milka Kramer, UK Country Manager - Pinterest
Mary Portas, Founder - Portas Agency