Exclusive Research - Retail disrupted: winning strategies for 2022


Exclusive Research - Retail disrupted: winning strategies for 2022

24 May 2022
Track Two
Innovation , Digital Transformation

Ecommerce globally boomed during the lockdowns, growing more than twice what had previously been expected. With people forced to stay at home, innovator retailers and brands accelerated four-to-five years of digital transformation efforts and investments in innovation as competition for consumer engagement and loyalty intensified in a new world. Two years later, as we emerge from the biggest disruptor in generations, what is the legacy of the global pandemic on the retail landscape? How is ecommerce and the escalation of digital adoption changing the path to purchase and what can retailers and brands focus on to make sure they are not irrelevant by 2025?


  • Why retailers must become data-driven platforms to succeed as ecommerce becomes the number one driver of business - and what are the implications for brands?
  • How last-mile requirements became a top-line sales driver
  • What will the store of the future look like when the end-to-end path to purchase is influenced by the digital environment?
Xian Wang, VP, Retail Insight - Edge by Ascential