Meet-up three: Agility & Partnerships


Meet-up three: Agility & Partnerships

14 Oct 2021
Track Three

Join this meet-up to network and hack the future of your business with like-minded people with similar roles and business objectives as you. 

Discussion groups will break off and talk about some of the most important issues impacting this winning strategy such as: 

  • Partnerships allow companies to do things that they couldn’t do on their own. Have you seen any innovative partnerships recently? What made them unique and valuable?

  • How is your company partnering with other retailers / suppliers / delivery intermediaries / technology companies to become more agile and drive growth?

  • How do you see the market playing out for delivery intermediaries? Is there space for all of them?

  • Large retailers are following Amazon’s lead to create ecosystems and develop new services e.g. M&S stocking brands, Next’s Total platform, Ocado Solutions, Tesco Clubcard Plus. What further opportunities do you see for retailers to remain competitive and relevant?


Lisa Byfield-Green, Research Director - Retail Week

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