Meet-up four: Innovation & Investment


Meet-up four: Innovation & Investment

14 Oct 2021
Track Three

Join this meet-up to network and hack the future of your business with like-minded people with similar roles and business objectives as you. 

Discussion groups will break off and talk about some of the most important issues impacting this winning strategy such as: 

  • What are the investment priorities for your business to stay ahead of the competition?

  • In what ways are we rethinking the traditional concept of retail? Have you recently seen any new areas for innovation / investment?

  • How should retailers split investment into customers and innovation versus profitability and operational efficiency? Are they equally important?

  • How can innovation and investment solve challenges such as Brexit and the supply chain challenges that we are currently facing? Should we all be investing in technology and automation?

  • How much of a retailer’s revenue should be reinvested into innovation? (Amazon currently reinvests c. 15%)

Lisa Byfield-Green, Research Director - Retail Week

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