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Talking Tables


Talking Tables

26 Mar 2020
Workshop area
Digital Collaborators , Store Superheroes , Customer Champions , Ethical Warriors , Talent Seekers

Our unique talking tables format creates the opportunity for you to connect with people facing the same specific challenges so that you can get out of the theory and into the detail. Pick three themes and spend 20 minutes at each themed table. Each table will have a host to facilitate the conversation. 

1. Retail of the future

  • What are the trends driving the future of retail?
  • What are the technologies that retailers and brands must capitalise on?
  • How will we pay in the future?

2. Direct to consumer strategies 

  • Proven successful DTC strategies – what’s working and why
  • How are consumer trends driving DTC and how you can capitalise on them?
  • How can DTC build meaningful consumer connections?

3. Rethinking loyalty

  • What does loyalty look like in 2020?
  • How to create strong customer engagement strategies
  • How to maximise customer data and insights to drive loyalty

4. The importance of wellbeing

  • What are the examples of employee wellbeing initiatives done well?
  • How to create a business case for changing mental health strategies
  • How can we effectively measure well-being?

5. The importance of building communities

  • How to unify the customer experience and build stronger connections
  • How to create products that resonate and connect with the communities they serve
  • How to create a digital strategy that removes friction from the customer experience

6. The next frontier of AI and analytics

  • What problems can AI solve? Can we expect to see more checkout free stores? Or is AI more useful for personalisation online / instore?
  • What kind of decisions can be made better by robots than by humans?
  •  According to our research around 1 in 5 retailers are currently investing in robotics (warehouse/instore). What experience do you have to share?

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