Lunch: Data is currency- so how do we become rich and spend it well?


Lunch: Data is currency- so how do we become rich and spend it well?

26 Mar 2020
Lunch Rooms, Level 2
Customer Champions

Data is now considered one of the most important assets that a business can own. An explosion of customer data has allowed retailers and brands to more easily forge one-to-one relationships by offering tailored experiences and recommendations to customers. Managing and using data efficiently can unlock huge potential for businesses – in providing retailers with a holistic view of the customer: highlighting what they want, their budgets, where they prefer to purchase products and services, and how they want to be approached and communicated with.

By utilising multiple data points, retailers can improve how they reach their customers, personalise their journeys and enhance their overall experience with their brand leading to higher retention rates, loyalty and repeat purchasing. Join us for an off-the-record chat about how the right technology can enable retailers to harness the power of their data in order to innovate while driving customer value and business revenue.

To be hosted by Barclays and Lisa Byfield-Green, Head of Insights, Retail Week.

Please note this lunch is invitation only. 

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