The Rise of Intent: the secret to search success


The Rise of Intent: the secret to search success

07 Oct 2020
Track One

The world of search is experiencing a paradigm shift. Traditional search consisted of keywords and blue links. In the queries of today, consumers want answers to complex questions that use high-intent terms like ‘near me’, ‘how to’ and ‘buy’.

With this shift comes the opportunity for brands to capitalise on that consumer intent. Understanding search beyond traditional keywords and demographic analysis will allow you to deliver precisely what your customer wants or needs in that particular moment. And if you’re not able to deliver an answer for a potential customer at their moment of intent, somebody else will.

This session will leave you with insights into how to leverage this opportunity to capitalise on your customers’ intents.

Jon Buss, Managing Director for UK & Northern Europe - Yext
Sridhar B, Director Culture, Digital & Futures - Diageo

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