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Discovery : Pitch 4


Discovery : Pitch 4

25 Mar 2020

Bringing 5 start-ups to the forefront to battle it out in front of a panel of judges, this session could be where you discover the next innovation capable of changing the face of retail 

Moderator : Co-Cubed

Ronan Bardet, Founder & CEO - EGI
Paul Sims, CTO - Halfords
Naomi Kasolowsky, Group Insight & Foresight Director - Tesco
Shehnaaz Chenia, Director, Ecommerce Development - LEGO
Eric Fergusson, Director of Ecommerce - Liberty
Caitlin Innes, Digital and Strategy Director - Harrods
Klaas Nicolai, Head of Operations, Europe - Under Armour
Suzanne Harlow, Former CEO

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