DNA testing - the ultimate in personalisation in commerce?


DNA testing - the ultimate in personalisation in commerce?

25 Mar 2020
Track One
Customer Champions , Digital Collaborators

Consumers are increasingly expecting hyper-personalised experiences. DNA testing, though still in its infancy, could unlock new ways for consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions, and also new ways for retailers to connect with their customers on an ultra-personal level. This session will explore the impact of this growing trend on the wider commerce industry. What is DNA testing? Which verticals are already offering it, and what are the learnings? What does this all mean for the future of the industry and for your businesses?

Key takeaways include:

—Learn about what’s behind the consumer movement from average, to individual advice, by listening to your body, the ultimate source of truth.

—How other industries, such as food, exercise and insurance, can offer to deepen their customer relationships through DNA collection.

—What does a world look like where everyone has access to their DNA and what this means for the future of the commerce industry

Avi Lasarow, CEO - DNAFit

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