Reset and Restore


Reset and Restore

28 Mar 2019
Stage Two

At its heart, Retail has and always will be a human-centred business. No matter how the sector and the external environment shift and change, leaders in this world will always be required to consider people first. And that starts with you and you – because how can you be with others if you aren’t fully with yourself?

In the midst of a busy life (and a very full few days!) it’s critical that leaders pause for breath. In this short experiential session, you will have an opportunity to do just that - reconnecting with yourself whilst taking part in gentle, guided, meditative-style practice. You will reset and restore, and create much needed space for reflection, integration and ideas generation.

Laura will lead the first session from 12.15-12.30. Ria will follow from 12.30-12.45.

Each session will be unique, so you can choose to experience one session or both.

Laura Beckingham, Founder - Space With-In
Ria Ingleby, Wellbeing Director - Well+
Steve Hoblyn, AMHA - Co-Founder