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Robert Kent

Robert Kent

Robert Kent

Chief Data Officer, Pets at Home

Robert joined Pets at Home in November 2018 as Chief Data Officer and is responsible for leading a core part of their strategy using data and analytics to better serve their customers, and their customer's pets. Robert is part of the Executive team at Pets at Home, which is one of the few current UK companies to recognise the importance of data explicitly at Board level. Robert is leading a transformation to bring analytics and AI to the business to impact customer loyalty, insight and services, as well as optimise the operational processes across the store and Vet practice network.

Prior to Pets at Home, Robert was Chief Data Officer at Royal Mail for 8 years. During this time, he oversaw the creation of a significant data and analytics capability and established and grew their first Data Science team as well as overhauling how data was maximised and governed across the entire UK operation.




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