Laura Fernández Plaza

Laura Fernández Plaza

Chief Financial & Business Officer, AWWG

Laura  Fernández  Plaza  is  AWWG’s  Chief  Financial  &  Business  Officer  (CFBO).  Since  she assumed this position in 2021, her responsibilities have involved implementing new business strategies  and  taking  care  of  all  financial  aspects  of  the  Group.  She  plays  a  key  role  in transforming  the  business  by  developing  the  Group’s  five  key  priorities:  Product,  Brand, Distribution, Digitalization & People leading it since 2018.

Laura  joined  the  Group  in  2006  and  has  developed  her  career  taking  on  different  positions within the company over the last 15 years. Before assuming her current role, she was Chief Transformation Officer and Group Finance Director, amongst others. Prior to her time at AWWG, Laura worked for PwC.

She  is  a  graduate  of  Universitat  Autònoma  de  Barcelona  and  holds  a  master’s  degree  in Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE.