Retail Week Live: COVID-19 Official Statement

The global pandemic has rocked the retail industry and divided it down the middle between those deemed essential and non-essential, but what it hasn’t divided is how the industry has come together, innovated and planned for a post pandemic world. Retail has been the lifeline for people across the world, ensuring they get the food, medicine and other critical goods. But to keep delivering for their customers safely, businesses have had to innovate at neck-breaking speed and roll out new solutions that would, under normal circumstances, take years. 

In support of the industry and this vital work, we want to be clear that our goal is to run Retail Week Live in 2021 in London to guide you and your business through the new consumer landscape.

We want Retail Week Live to be the place where you can have important conversations, meet the right partners to help you continue with your accelerated digital strategy, and reset and redefine what success looks like in a post-Covid world. It will be a place where we can celebrate the importance of this industry to our nation, uncover game-changing disrupters and pioneering innovators who have ensured retailers can continue to deliver for their customers efficiently and safely. 

However, we are also very aware that Retail Week Live in 2021 will not be delivered in exactly the same way as it always has been. Just like you, we’ve had to adapt quickly. In 2021 we will be implementing a whole host of precautionary measures to ensure business can get done safely. We believe that Retail Week Live will be more vital than ever this year, and it is essential for the industry to gather and collaborate to ensure that 2021 is the year to bounce back. Those that join us will have a head-start and set their businesses up for success.

We continue to follow guidance from the UK Government, London Mayor’s Office, Magazine London, our vendors and expert partners to ensure that we keep our attendees safe and secure. Aside from ensuring that we are upgrading all hygiene standards, including hand sanitiser stations and frequent cleaning of spaces, we will be reviewing guidance around social distancing, and working closely with Magazine London on their policies too.

We will continuously update the Health & Safety plans according to the latest developments. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions we would be happy to help you personally:

If you are a sponsor or exhibitor, please reach out to us at
For press inquiries, please reach out to
If you are an attendee or partner, please reach out to us at
If you are a speaker, please reach out to

Thank you to our customers for your continued support. We look forward to welcoming you to Retail Week Live in 2021. 

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