How Winning Brands Grow

19 Dec 2019

How Winning Brands Grow

Andrew Busby

Walk down any high street, browse any magazine (yes, we still do that) or enter your favourite search engine and one thing becomes apparent. There are those who get it, jump out and grab your attention, and there are those who are steadfastly mired in a moribund state of inertia.

You know what I’m talking about: brands. Because, let’s face it, there are good brands, there are great brands and there are, well, how can I put this politely – mediocre brands.

And in today’s helter-skelter world of retail, there’s no room for mediocrity. You may well be thinking of your least favourite right now, just wishing they would quietly exit stage left in order to make way for something more exciting.

So, how do some brands win? How do they not only grab our attention but retain it? And then keep us coming back for more?

And you know what? It’s really not that difficult. And yet, the majority seem unaware of what it takes in today’s world to capture our imagination. That’s a clue right there.

Stop to consider the amount of (typically) digital content you are subjected to each and every day. It’s quite mind-boggling. And so, what have we all developed? It’s what I call our digital filter. And I wouldn’t mind betting that for most of us it lasts around three seconds.

In other words, to win in today’s world, a brand needs to grab our attention within three seconds. But – and here’s the big reveal – once they’ve achieved that, winning brands go on to retain it.

How? By inspiring us. By exciting us. And most importantly, by engaging with us. Winning brands understand the power of social media. They understand that in today’s world, we all have a voice and not only that, we expect to be heard. are a case in point. Exclusively online? Think again. They use their store at 5, Carlos Place as a media centre, putting on music events, masterclasses, dinners for their customers. It’s brand immersion and it works.

Getting down with the pretty young things has never been more important. It’s wicked, it’s sick and for brands who are growing, it’s in their DNA.    

Thought leadership piece from Andrew Busby, Founder & CEO, Retail Reflections